BBC Radio Shropshire

Well a lot has been happening at Woodstock. Due to the growing success of the company we quickly outgrew the workshop and needed to move to bigger premises. So, to cut a long story short, we have moved both house and workshop to the lovely South Shropshire Hills near Ludlow. We now find ourselves in a very old farmhouse with a fabulous outbuilding/stables which serve as workshop and storage for the business. Thankfully the orders are still pouring in, as are visitors choosing and picking up bespoke bats. Richard Johnson from Warwickshire was here last week choosing his kit and admiring the views of the countryside!

Talking of visitors, we had a visit from BBC Radio Shropshire. We got wind of a story that Adam Green, who has a radio show with the BBC, had had a piece of willow in his studio for sometime and was after someone locally to turn it into a cricket bat! Naturally we got in touch and the next day John Newsome, our head bat-maker, did a telephone interview which was broadcast and agreed to meet up with Adam. Two weeks later, Adam arrived with the piece of Shropshire Willow and interviewed John from the workshop. This interview was broadcast in 3 instalments. Adam is a very keen cricketer himself and plays in the Shropshire League when he's not covering other sports news for the BBC. So, John now has the challenge to produce a ' Shropshire Cricket Bat', grown and made in the county. Watch this space for the outcome!

Click on the following links to hear the interview:

Part 1 
Part 2
Part 3