Team Woodstock 2010-2011

In our first year of sponsoring professional cricketers we have managed to acquire the services of some great proven talent along with a couple of young professionals who will be breaking into the first class scene this season. We are delighted to have these great players using our products and wish them all the very best for their current/upcoming seasons. We are also in the privileged position of having professionals on the circuit talking about the quality of our equipment and look forward to teaming up with more top quality players over the coming seasons.

Our Professionals for the 2010-2011 seasons are:

  • Matthew Spriegel (Surrey)
  • Tim Linley (Surrey)
  • Rory Burns (Surrey)
  • Steffan Piolet (Warwickshire)
  • Richard Johnson (Warwickshire)
  • Steve Trenchard (Matabeleland Tuskers - Zimbabwe)
  • Troels Thogersen (Denmark)
  • Rizwan Mahmood (Denmark)
  • James Bett (Victoria U19's - Australia)
  • Lee Nelson (Ireland U19's) 

Please see the Players for pictures of the current players and a short profile.